At Best Builders we are often asked “What is a timeless home design?” A timeless home design means attributing more weight to function over form. A timeless design creates a stylish aesthetic that looks amazing and can adapt to changing design trends.

But how does someone create a timeless home design? Read this helpful article to find out.

Maximize Natural Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of a home’s design. It helps dictate the mood and reduces the need for electrical lighting. A timeless design incorporates natural light as much as possible. Use large windows and skylights to achieve good natural lighting.

Keep Space Open

No matter the trend, a cluttered home is never in style. A timeless design uses open spaces to let the air and light flow freely. Be selective with decor items and only choose items that serve a purpose rather than just being for aesthetics.

Use Eco-Friendly Materials

A timeless design should use eco-friendly materials to ensure they meet future sustainability requirements. In British Columbia, building codes are rapidly adjusting to ensure homes are meeting the latest level of the BC Energy Step Code.

Future Goals Are a Major Consideration of a Timeless Design

Creating a timeless design is also about designing a space that can grow with you. A timeless design seamlessly adapts to changes in trends and property owners, making it stylish for any time period.

Creating a timeless design involves looking ahead and brainstorming a future lifestyle. Do you expect to have children or grandchildren? Have you allowed space for them to sleep, eat, and play?

At Best Builders we provide design assistance, custom homes, and renovations. With our help, you can create a timeless interior design that will function well for years to come and delight your family. Contact us today to get started.

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