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At Best Builders, we believe the true definition of a custom home is a home designed and built specifically for you – it fully expresses who you are, and reflects your unique lifestyle and requirements.

That’s why every Best Builder custom home project is unique, from a modern beachfront home in Tsawwassen to a 900 sq. ft. laneway house in Vancouver. We build in every style and size, but our homes all have one thing in common – they “sing”. That’s how our team describes the special feeling in a custom home where the vision, creativity, and craftsmanship come together to create the perfect environment. It feels right in every way.


We don’t just build homes, we build relationships

Every Best Builders’ custom home project starts with the focus on our client, because we believe that the home we build for you should be an expression of your wants and needs, not ours. We get to know you and your family, listen carefully to your wants and needs, and then handpick the team and crew that’s a fit for your personality and style. We match you with the best architect and designer for your project – instead of an in-house design/build team – because it gives you access to some of the most talented creators in the Lower Mainland. (We’re also happy to work with the architect and designer you bring to the project.)

The relationship we build with you and your family inspires some of our best ideas. It’s how we create the personalized touches that make your home uniquely “you” – like the backyard soccer turf we designed for a single dad and his young family in South Delta. Our commitment to looking after you and your family is at the heart of our work and the reason we’re driven to do our best, every time.

Our Greater Vancouver custom homes are built with award-winning quality

Although homebuilding awards aren’t the focus of our work, we do appreciate the recognition. Best Builders has been finalists and winners of more than 100 homebuilding and renovation awards for projects across Metro Vancouver, including Georgies, GVHBA Ovation and HAVAN Awards, and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association National Award for Housing Excellence.


We’re defined by our creativity and exceptional customer service

We believe a Best Builders’ custom home project is defined by a combination of quality, creativity, and exceptional customer service. (Have a look at our reviews and you’ll see that our clients agree!) Our Red Seal-certified crew’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is unrivaled, and our entire team’s passion for creative collaboration and taking each project to the next level keeps us at the top of our game.

And our customer service? It’s hard to say what we’re most proud of: the work that we do, or the way that we do it. We believe that the most important thing we give our clients – besides our expertise – is our time. We only take on four or five clients at once, so that we can give your project our complete focus.

A new contemporary kitchen with white counters

The Best Builders’ commitment

Integrity: The moment we commit to your project, we’ve got your back. That means that we deal with you in an open, honest manner from Day 1:

  • Prior to construction, we present you with project scope and budget that’s detailed down to the final finishes. Our intensive pre-planning process ensures that we’re working with an achievable schedule and an accurate budget.
  • If challenges arise, we solve them with you – whether the problem is with City Hall or an unforeseen issue at the site.
  • Our administrative and on-site teams ensure that the work you’re paying for is completed to our satisfaction before we pay an invoice.

Transparency: You can log in to our online project management system at any time, from any location, to check on your project’s progress and budget. Everyone from your Site Supervisor to the Project Manager communicates with you on a regular basis to ensure that you’re up-to-date.

Accountability: If there’s an issue, we work to fix it. It’s that simple. Beyond the usual 2-5-10 warranty on new homes, we perform a deficiency check-in one year after you move into your new home to make sure that everything is working well for you and your family.

We’re trained to build to a high standard of energy-efficiency: Net Zero, Passive House

Although 2032 may seem far away – in terms of the lifespan of your new home, it’s not. That’s when the BC Building Code will change so that all new homes will have to be built to a Net Zero-ready standard.

If you’re investing in a custom-built home now, it pays to preplan for these new energy-efficient standards so that your home remains competitive in future markets. In addition to lower operating costs and better indoor air quality, a well-insulated home, equipped with a superior HVAC system, provides a quieter and more comfortable space for day-to-day life.

A Net Zero home is up to 80% more energy efficient than a typical new home, producing as much energy as it consumes over the course of the year through a combination of better building techniques and technology, and the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar panels.

A Net Zero-ready home is built to the same standard as a Net Zero home, but it’s not connected to a renewable source of energy yet – it has all of the systems in place so that it’s ready to use alternate sources of energy as they become more affordable and available.

A Passive House takes energy-efficiency to the next level, consuming up to 90% less heating and cooling energy than a conventional home through thermal efficiency.

Considerable training and expertise goes into a Net Zero or Passive House build: your homebuilder needs to understand how building envelopes, mechanical systems, and renewable energy systems work together to create the required levels of energy efficiency. Fortunately, our team has been trained in the advanced building practices required to build to higher energy-efficient and environmental standards for years, starting with the Built Green program and progressing, most recently, to Passive Houses.

We’ve built homes with geo-thermal heating systems, solar panel heating, and – as standard practice – integrate energy-efficient products and systems into every project we build. We also salvage materials from homes where possible, both as an environmental practice and as a way to add personalized features to a project. Our latest project is exploring off-grid systems. For us, industry leadership isn’t just about creating the best homes; it’s about creating the best homes for the planet.

If you have a project in mind, we’d love to discuss it!

We create exceptional homes and renovation projects for clients across the Lower Mainland: from West and North Vancouver, to South Delta, South Surrey, and White Rock. If you’re ready to bring your dream to life, please give us a call or send us an email!

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