Building a custom home in Vancouver empowers you to craft a living space that caters to all your needs, including accessibility. By taking charge from the ground up, you have the opportunity to integrate essential features that make your home both welcoming and functional for individuals with mobility challenges.

Some of the most common accessibility features we add to custom homes include the following.

Wider Doorways

The journey towards an accessible home begins with wider doorways. Expansive entryways not only offer ease of movement for wheelchair and walker users but also contribute to a more spacious feel throughout your residence. Doorways with ample width prevent bottlenecks and ensure smooth transitions from room to room.

If you like an open concept, wider interior doors create a seamless experience that makes any room accessible to those inside.

Ramps Instead of Stairs

Stairs are often one of the biggest hurdles for people with accessibility issues. Ramps provide an alternative to stairs, granting access where traditional steps might hinder passage. These gentle slopes cater to those with physical limitations and ensure easy access for all visitors.

Adding Support Bars in Slippery Areas

Bathrooms often pose risks with slick surfaces that challenge stability—a hazard that can be mitigated by installing support bars in strategic locations. These support rods add confidence and offer steadying assistance where the risk of falls is high.

Strategically place them in showers, near bathtubs, and around toilets, to ensure safety without compromising on style. Today’s support bars come in various designs and finishes, making them complementary elements that blend tastefully with your home’s overall decor palette.

As you can see, constructing a custom home in Vancouver with thoughtful accessibility features is not difficult, and the extra effort enriches lives by fostering independence and ease of movement for everyone who enters its doors.

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