The stages of new home construction on the Lower Mainland or Greater Vancouver area are similar to the new home construction stages elsewhere in British Columbia. There are typically five stages: pre-construction, foundation work, framing, interior and exterior, and hand-over to client.

We’re going to briefly outline these stages for you here.


Pre-construction includes everything–not in any particular order–from first thinking about building a custom home to buying property if you don’t already own it, deciding on house plans, possibly dealing with an architect, choosing a builder, and all the initial permitting required before you even break ground.

Depending on the location and jurisdiction, some site tests may be required for determining things like water table. Pre-construction can be more or less involved depending on the specific project.


The foundation period is from the time you actually break ground until the time you start framing the house. One or more inspections by local government will likely be required during this phase.


During the framing phase, the home begins to grow from the ground up and start to take shape. The basement will be installed if there is one, and doors and windows will be installed before you get to the next phase. Again, multiple inspections will likely take place during the framing phase.

4.Interior and Exterior

This phase is when the house really starts to look like a house. Walls goes up, kitchens and baths are installed, electrical and plumbing installations are started and finished. There will be some inspections, for sure. You will begin to see the end of the tunnel.

5.Hand-over to Client

This last phase is when the builder makes sure that everyone is completed as required. When the home is complete, the homeowner gets the keys!

It’s very difficult to assign time periods to each phase because every custom home project is different. Sometimes a home can be completed in a matters of months. More often, a year is reasonable estimate. Again, it will depend on the size, scope, and location of the project. Weather and waiting on inspections can cause unforeseen delays.

If you are considering building a new home in the Vancouver area or renovating your existing one, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We specialize in building custom homes on the Lower Mainland. We can help you to navigate this process with a minimum of stress.

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