Deciding on all the parameters for a custom house is an exciting task. It provides the opportunity to showcase creativity while designing the perfect, custom living space—and the first thing that visitors will notice about this space is its curb appeal. Here are some considerations to help maximize the curb appeal of your custom home:


It’s impossible to say what features may or may not work for a particular house. When talking about curb appeal, the elements in question involve the landscaping, the front door, the front windows, and the facade of the building—the first things a visitor will see.

Any number of accoutrements and details can be added, but the primary consideration should be that everything fits in with the style of the house. A rock garden can be an attractive feature for some houses—but work against the aesthetics of others. Window boxes might increase the curb appeal for a country-style home—but might look peculiar on a very contemporary place. Whatever you choose, make sure that all your design elements work well together.


One aspect of curb appeal is whether a home (tastefully) stands out compared to the other houses on the block. This feature depends on the neighbours to a certain degree, but in general, it is desirable that a home contrasts nicely with the neighbourhood—without clashing. For example, this can be achieved by using a different but complementary colour scheme, or experimenting with asymmetry in a mostly symmetrical neighbourhood.


Curb appeal is not a fixed variable, it will change with time, and without proper maintenance, it will depreciate. Some building materials and features are more demanding than others, and some are nearly maintenance-free. Take this into consideration when deciding what features and materials you intend to use your home.

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