In a new calendar year, it’s always interesting to read about what are the latest trends in design. For some clients capturing the newest trends is an important consideration.

For other clients, however, the definition of a dream kitchen may be something else altogether. And some design ideas that are classic and practical never go out of style.

Let’s take a look at both: some current trends, and some dreamy ideas that may appeal to you even if they aren’t trending.

Current trends


Sustainability is a big trend in all kinds of building projects. Clients are concerned about the environment and preoccupied with the impact of their design choices on the environment.

For practical purposes, one easy way to reuse kitchen cabinets that you already have and not discard them is to either paint them or reface them. If the interiors of your cabinets are in good shape, reusing at least some of your existing cabinets can be considered.

If you reface your cabinets or repaint them, and then add new and different hardware, the cabinets can look totally different to fit in with a new design.


New and exciting applications of colour in the kitchen are popular today. Whether you’re reusing older cabinets or buying new custom ones, designers are painting cabinets bright colours.

Also, two-tone kitchens are in. Usually there’s a darker colour on the bottom and a lighter colour on top.

Smart kitchens

Today, plenty of clients are talking to Siri or Alexa in the kitchen to get things done. People may be interested in different automated solutions in lighting, for example.

More and more smart gadgets are becoming available with software that can be controlled from your smartphone. You may want USB ports in your kitchen for charging different devices, as well.

Classic and timeless ideas

If your idea of a dream kitchen is not what is trending, then you may be interested in some other neat ideas.


On television, we always hear about granite and quartz countertops. But there are lots of different types of countertops available from new and different materials.

It’s possible to have counters that are glass, glass suspended in resin, concrete, soapstone, or other offbeat ideas. Gourmet cooks may be interested in stainless steel counters like there are in commercial kitchens.


Your backsplash is usually tile, and today, often a subway tile. But backsplashes can be lots of different materials including stainless steel. You can even have a custom tile mosaic created by an artist.

Other odds and ends

Gourmet cooks may welcome having a water spigot near the stove or cooktop, which makes it much easier to fill large pots for soup or stew. You may welcome having a second, smaller sink, called a prep sink somewhere else if the kitchen is large and even another small bar sink if you have the space for it.

What’s important to you in your kitchen renovation may be totally different than what’s important to your neighbor.

If you are considering renovating a kitchen in the Vancouver area, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you renovate your kitchen to achieve exactly what you want.

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