Custom-built homes provide a blank canvas for you to design around your family’s needs. However, to create a special home for everyone in the family, the design needs to be well planned.

When it comes to designing a family home, make sure to pay attention to the following considerations.

Create Enough Space for Everyone

When designing a family home, you should be thinking about where each person will spend most of their time. Even though we love our family members, privacy is priceless in a family home.

Therefore, think about the best layout for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, laundry rooms, and fun spaces to ensure everyone has their own sanctuary.

Have an Open Area for Kids & Pets

If you have young children or pets, having an open space for them to play in is essential. Designating a play space inside the home will give children and pets a place to have fun without spreading the mess around the house.

Open Concepts Work Best

Open concepts are a popular design style when it comes to family homes. An open concept design provides the largest amount of space for everyone inside the house to operate.

Also, an open concept floor plan allows families to interact with each other easily between rooms.

Work With an Expert

Custom homes are expensive and challenging to plan. Working with an expert is the best way to ensure your family’s new home has the correct layout for everyone.

At Best Builders, we work directly with our clients to construct a custom home that is functional and appealing to the eye. Contact us today to receive professional advice on family-friendly layout ideas and floor plans.

Best Builders has been renovating older homes and building new ones for over 20 years. They are a multiple-award-winning builder that brings fine craftmanship to projects, turning dreams into reality. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about your home project, please call us at (604) 943-2378 or email us at

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