Vancouver’s unique West Coast setting means that certain home renovation trends have emerged in recent years. While homeowners are encouraged to add their flavour to a living space, following these latest trends can create a gorgeous look.

Trend 1: Focus on Sustainability

On the West Coast, there is a growing trend towards sustainability in home renovations, with more homeowners looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Energy efficient appliances, improved insulation, and solar power are all popular choices for those looking to “go green” with their home renovation.

Trend 2: Create a Laneway Home

Vancouver is a leader in the laneway housing movement, with many homeowners renovating their existing garage into an additional living space. Laneway homes are a creative project that can provide homeowners with income for years.

Trend 3: Open up the Floor Plan

Another popular trend in Vancouver home renovations is the open floor plan. An open layout creates a more spacious feel inside the home and is perfect for entertaining. Many Vancouver homeowners are knocking down walls to create a more open living space.

These are just a few current trends in custom West Coast home renovations. By incorporating some of these trends into their projects, Vancouver homeowners can create unique and stylish living spaces that reflect their tastes and lifestyle.

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