A home is a place of security, rest, and love for all family members. Therefore, designing a custom home should incorporate aspects of everyone inside of it. Knowing how to determine square footage requirements for your family’s needs will save money and reduce stress.

For the most part, square footage specifications will vary due to personal needs. However, there are some basic questions to answer that will help create a detailed plan.

Helpful Questions to Consider for Determining Square Footage

When it comes to planning the size and design of your custom home build, you will want to think about and answer the following:

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?
  • How many leisure rooms do you need?
  • Do you need a formal dining room?
  • Do you need a large outdoor area for eating or entertaining?
  • Are there any limitations on square footage where you are building?
  • How often do you entertain and host guests?

The answers to these questions will provide an estimate of how much square footage you need. However, to do it accurately, it is ideal to contact a professional.

Contact Best Builders for Professional Assistance

While these questions will help get you started, it is no substitute for professional advice. With the help of Best Builders, you can get an accurate measurement for your unique square footage requirements.

Best Builders is a home building company in Vancouver, BC. We specialize in custom home building, no matter how big or small. During our initial consultation, clients work one-on-one with an experienced team member who will help determine the square footage requirements for your custom home.

Best Builders has been renovating older homes and building new ones for over 15 years. They are a multiple-award-winning builder that brings fine craftmanship to projects, turning dreams into reality. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about your home project, please call us at (604) 943-2378 or email us at info@bestbuilders.ca

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