Our Mission

At Best Builders, our mission is to create a home that is perfectly tailored to suit your lifestyle. By matching you with the right architects and engineers for your project, and providing you with the best project management, support staff and on-site team available, we are able to take your vision and transform it into your dream home.

Our Story

The Best Builder team has been offering clients a complete professional homebuilding package for over 15 years, but our story begins much earlier than that.

Growing up, Todd Best was surrounded by the building models that his father, a master architect and the founder of Best Builders, kept around their home.

As Todd began working with his father on the restoration of old armouries, he became fascinated with restoration—the process of making a heritage building new and fresh, while maintaining its original look and unique features.

This passion for thoughtfully crafted, unique re-design led Todd to shift his focus, once his father retired, from larger commercial buildings to single-family homes.

That change in direction has moulded Best Builders into what we are today: an award-winning home building team that is still proudly family-run, and always committed to creating homes of the highest quality.

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