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3 key philosophies that makes building Quality Custom Homes possible…


It is very important for us as Custom Home Builders and Home Renovation Experts that we have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with your project and part of that process is holding a ‘design discovery’ meeting where we will document all of your major design elements that will help shape your dream project.

All design elements are then married with Best Builders years of experience to create a strategic design to deliver something that you can truly be happy with once construction begins.


Best Builders is always focused on providing the best possible customer service to YOU,  our client, no matter what phase of the project we are in..  We achieve this by instituting budget goals, strict timelines, and client expectations at the start of the design phase and continue this throughout the construction process.

Clear communication is key when coordinating any custom construction project.  We will hold regular progress update meetings and conduct site tours at major project milestones so that you can see your home come to life (or back to life!)..


Every Best Builders client, whether it be a major home renovation or custom built home, walks away knowing that they have the highest quality product that comes a full warranty.

New homes are all registered with the National Home Protection Office, which provides you with a 2/5/10 warranty.

Renovations come with a year warranty on all labor and a close out package that give you complete documentation of your project and passes all manufacturer warrantees on to you the homeowner.  Some renovations are now eligible for complete 2/5/10 warrantee by National Home Protection Office.  If more than 75% of your home will be renovated this option may be  available to homeowners.



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