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River Road

Date: July, 2012



What started out as a tiny house has become a beautiful family-oriented complex with lots of room to grow.

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The client had his son’s growing family in mind, and saw an opportunity to turn the home he built himself in 1983 into a larger structure that could comfortably accommodate everyone.

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A broken foundation made this a particularly challenging build. However, this made the finished project all the more rewarding.

The family took advantage of our highly-involved designing and building process to leave certain design elements until the house was in-progress. One example of this was the kitchen, which they designed after they had seen the physical space roughed out.

Features include:


  • Reinforced second story floor to support the weight of an advanced home gym.

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Many of our clients come to us with projects that have a function rather than a specific form in mind. We design to that function, and make sure they end up with a home that works for the way they want to live.

This home has lots of room to allow the son’s family to grow while allowing his parents privacy, all while staying close. Their 10 acre lot and multiple outbuildings gives lots of room for the family to go about their business without getting in each other’s hair.