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Langley – In Progress

Date: September, 2015

Location: Langley, BC


This generously-sized home in rural Langley provides lots of room for the client’s family to go about their day-to-day activities. The client interviewed a number of other builders before starting this project with us. We helped turn his functional floorplan into an engineering marvel that still serves as a perfect family home.

Designed by Architrix Design

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This family-focused design combined a busy family’s activities while respecting each other’s privacy.

The client’s original instinct was to have us construct a typical rancher, using a plan he had purchased online, that would comfortably accommodate his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law.

While rendering his chosen model, we also saw an opportunity to present a totally unique plan that we felt better suited his needs. He loved it, and this custom design was ultimately what we constructed.

Our custom solution is a single-floor plan, like his original rancher, but incorporates several unique elements that maximizes space, functionality, and style.

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This home has a number of unique features, including:


  • Vaulted asymmetrical ceilings
  • Single floor construction
  • Floating skywalk over a brook leads to in-law suite


  • 8 x 16 clear fir hidden fastener beam construction

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In order to make a truly unique home, we incorporated materials that were special to the client and his family. We also found unique ways to keep the family floor plan united while still allowing privacy.


Family-Focused Design

Forget about sticking your in-laws in the basement or attic. Separated by a skywalk over a burbling brook, this home’s in-law suite keeps relatives close without the bother of stairs, increasing overall accessibility.