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6 easy steps to designing your dream home…

Best Builders has broken down the design process into 6 manageable steps to guide clients every step of the way.  Once we start the design phase of any project, clients will receive a design schedule of critical dates and assign a deadline to each step.

1. Pre-design - discovering your wants & needs…

The Best Builders team works hard to ensure that we understand what you want and need from your new custom home or home renovation project. We will create a detailed scope of work, preliminary budget and a design schedule to keep the whole process moving in a timely fashion.

2. Existing Conditions – assessing your property…

Before we can create anything new we have to look at what we are able to build and what has been built already.  Every property is different and will bring unique challenges whether it is a complete renovation or a new custom home.  Best Builders will create a photo journal of your project before the transformation begins and detail anything on your property or house that is relevant to your project.  We will dig up all existing information at the city such as existing floor plans, permits that have been pulled in the past, zoning information, and any building requirements that are specific to your lot.

3. Architectural Schematics – bringing your vision to life…

Now that we know what we are allowed to build, we will be able to bring the vision of your dream project to life through detailed drawings, digital renderings and 3-D models.   At this point the process is very interactive between client and designer making all major structural decisions to give your project the look and feel you want.  This will also be the time Best Builders will update your budget in more detail to ensure that all elements are within target budget goals set at the beginning of the design phase.

4. Architectural Refinement – ironing out all the details…

Once you are happy with the look of your project we will refine all of the architectural details to an exacting status.  This will cover all aspects of how your home will come together and at this point in time will be ready to be submitted for engineering.  Upon completion of structural engineering your project will be reviewed one more time by our construction team and submitted for all necessary building permits.

5. Interior & Exterior Design – giving your project the ‘wow’ factor…

Although interior and exterior design is integrated throughout the entire design process we will be able to fully focus on these elements while the city, district or municipality is reviewing the project for permitting.  We will create complete interior elevations so that no detail will be over looked and will also create a complete finishing specification package outlining every finish from your feature stone to the pulls on your drawers.

6. Construction Documents – starting your project…

Months of planning have finally come fruition and your project is ready to begin!  This is a very exciting time for homeowners and the staff at Best Builders.  Every project we create is unique and always scrutinized by our team to ensure exceptional quality.  Every detail will be completely planned by the time the project begins so the building process will be less stressful for homeowners.

Download our Design Process Quick Sheet here



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