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We manage all aspects of your project from form to finish…

Best Builders prides itself on employing highly trained carpenters with years of experience in custom home building, which is paired with our highly skilled administration and management team.  All of our carpenters are full time employees of Best Builders and have been or are currently taking their apprenticeship through the British Columbia Institute of Technology training centre.

Who will be managing my project?

Every Best Builders project is assigned to a qualified, full time site supervisor who will be on site from start to finish – while our Senior Project Manager will handle all of your scheduling, paper work and technical aspects of your project.  Detailed billing is taken on by our full time accounting staff to ensure that all project financials are always up to date and accurate.

How long does construction take?

Best Builders will tailor a custom project schedule for you before we start to ensure that you are aware of the timeline to completion and while each project is unique, typically a new custom home can take anywhere from 8-14 months, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Clear communication is key throughout the construction process and clients will be updated and educated on their project every two weeks.



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